Why you should use EES to help boost your Event / Exhibition Rebook success

We all remember how rebook for trade show events normally operate – Event managers would ask if their key Exhibitors who they wish to rebook for next year, receive some positive responses, – then spend weeks / months chasing confirmation forms. The exhibitor is usually too busy straight after the show and sometimes the deals go cold, and usually a lot of time is wasted through the year targeting the same exhibitors.

We have also worked with clients who have previously had no onsite rebook plan, to others who are Rebooking 30-50% rebook targets – we are yet to secure less than 80% rebook rates achieved from one of our shows, and average over 90%.

EES will support your team to help create a tailored Event Rebook strategy so you can secure the majority of your Exhibitors before your existing show ends. Our team are here to support your strategy, understand the culture of your Event and clients, and provide hands on Event Sales Rebook Experts at your Show.

Your Tailored Event Trade Show Rebook Package will deliver
  • Sales training, mentoring and management for your Rebook plan to support your Event team.
  • Pre-event strategy sessions, after Event support and reporting. Preshow planning includes offering same/better stand location/size to exhibitors before the event opens.
  • Rebook Email campaign strategy sessions.
  • Best practice policy, with after care support and follow up reporting.
  • Focus on upselling Exhibition stands & sponsorship opportunities.
  • Experienced rebook experts to work hands on at your live event.
  • Team & re-bookers have a clear idea on exhibitors they are to focus on.
  • Floorplan can be populated before going on-site showing likely locations of stands, features and theatres.
  • Physical connection with the exhibitors at the sales lounge on-site creating a FOMO (fear of missing out) moment.
  • Walkie-Talkies / Audio / Wattsapp planning.
  • Sales Lounge management / sales anchor management.
  • On-site sales pack for each rep.
  • Work cohesion with existing core team.
  • Cooling off period advantages.
  • Bulk invoicing just weeks after the show, saving on admin and personnel time and costs and improving your cashflow. Majority of deposits in the bank within six weeks after the event closes.
  • A well populated floorplan ready to reach the rest of the market within a few days of show closure.
  • More time to focus on features, events, marketing and widening the net for new business or show growth.